Words that have 'f' as the second letter and 'd' as fifth letter

The combination specified has 15 entries.

5 letter words

  • afgod
  • offed
  • pfund

6 letter words

  • afridi
  • effude
  • pfunde

8 letter words

  • affidare
  • affidavy
  • affydavy
  • affodill

9 letter words

  • affidavit
  • effodient

10 letter words

  • affidation
  • affidavits

11 letter words

  • effodientia

What's the highest scoring word in Scrabble with the requested combination ?
Using this combination of letters, you could make 'affydavy' scoring 24 points.

What is the most common word where the second letter is 'f' and fifth letter is 'd' in the dictionary?
We're able to confirm that 'affidavit' is the 42109th most common word.

What's the biggest word you can derive with the combination of letters searched for?
There are 11 letters in the word 'effodientia', making it the longest word Dictionarypedia has.

What's a weird word from this page?
The most peculiar word based on a recent poll is 'affidavit'. It is defined as "A sworn statement in writing; a declaration in writing, signed and made upon oath before an authorized magistrate. Bouvier. Burrill. Note: It is always made ex parte, and without cross-examination, and in this differs from a deposition. It is also applied to written statements made on affirmation. Syn. -- Deposition....".

How many acceptable words could one put together from words where the second letter is 'f' and fifth letter is 'd'?
It's possible to assemble 15 words with the specified letter combination.