Words that have 'g' as the second letter and 'd' as fifth letter

For words that have 'g' as the 2nd letter and 'd' as 5th letter, there are 19 results.

5 letter words

  • agend
  • egged
  • egrid
  • fgrid
  • ogeed
  • ogled

6 letter words

  • agenda
  • aguada
  • egards
  • uganda

7 letter words

  • agendas
  • agendum
  • aggadic
  • aguador
  • ugandan

8 letter words

  • agendums
  • ugandans

9 letter words

  • agrodolce

10 letter words

  • agendaless

How many characters are in the largest word from this list?
The word 'agendaless' has 10 characters.

In total, how many words are there using the combination specified?
In total, you can make 19 words.

What's the most common word where the second letter is 'g' and fifth letter is 'd' in the dictionary?
The most popular word for the combination you searched is 'egged'.

What's the highest number of points you could get in Scrabble from this list of words that have 'g' as the 2nd letter and 'd' as 5th letter?
Using this combination, it is possible to play 'agendums' scoring 12 points in Scrabble.

What is a weird word from all the combinations possible on this page?
'Agend' is definitely the most weird word in our list of words where the 2nd letter is 'g' and 5th letter is 'd'. The standard definition of 'agend' is as follows: "See Agendum. [Obs.]".