Words that have 'a' as the second letter and 'q' as fifth letter

For words that have 'a' as the 2nd letter and 'q' as 5th letter, there are 45 results.

5 letter words

  • tareq

6 letter words

  • tariqa

7 letter words

  • baroque
  • batuque
  • cacique
  • casaque
  • cazique
  • lalaqui
  • macaque
  • madoqua
  • namaqua
  • pataque
  • sadaqat
  • salique
  • tariqat

8 letter words

  • baroques
  • caciques
  • casaques
  • casaquin
  • caziques
  • macaques
  • manequin
  • maroquin
  • namaquan
  • pamaquin
  • paraquat
  • paraquet
  • paroquet
  • ramequin

9 letter words

  • baroquely
  • caciquism
  • catoquina
  • palaquium
  • pamaquine
  • paniquita
  • paraquats
  • paraquets
  • paroquets
  • ramequins

10 letter words

  • lansquenet
  • paniquitan

11 letter words

  • baroqueness
  • caciqueship
  • paraquinone

12 letter words

  • paraquadrate

What is the highest score you're able to get in Scrabble from this list of words where 'a' is the second letter and 'q' is the fifth letter?
One can make 'caziques' which gets 28 points in Scrabble.

How many letters does the largest word on this page consist of?
The longest word one can derive from this list is 'paraquadrate', which is made up of 12 characters.

In total, how many words is it possible to make using the combination of letters requested?
On this list of words where 'a' is the second letter and 'q' is the fifth letter, Dictionarypedia has found 45 combinations that can be selected.

Which word on this page is the most popular?
A popular word for your search is 'cacique'.

Is there a distinct word from this page of word where the second letter is 'a' and fifth letter is 'q' which might be considered as interesting in any respect?
'Cazique' is definitely the most strange word from our list of words where the 2nd letter is 'a' and 5th letter is 'q'. The traditional definition of 'cazique' is as follows: "A chief or petty king among some tribes of Indians in America.".