Words that have 'u' as the third letter and 'y' as fourth letter

16 words have been assembled using the combination you requested.

5 letter words

  • ayuyu
  • fluyt
  • gruys
  • thuya

6 letter words

  • amuyon
  • fluyts
  • hauyne
  • nguyen
  • thuyas

7 letter words

  • amuyong
  • bruyere
  • gruyere

8 letter words

  • hauynite

9 letter words

  • houyhnhnm
  • thuyopsis

11 letter words

  • hauynophyre

What's the highest score you can get in Scrabble from this list of words that have 'u' as the third letter and 'y' as fourth letter?
Our recommendation for a score of 14 points is playing the word 'hauynite'.

What is an interesting word from all the word combinations available on this list?
The most weird word from this list is 'houyhnhnm'. It is defined as "One of the race of horses described by Swift in his imaginary travels of Lemuel Gulliver. The Houyhnhnms were endowed with reason and noble qualities; subject to them were Yahoos, a race of brutes having the form and all the worst vices of men.".

How many characters are in the largest word on this page?
The largest word that's possible to assemble from words where the third letter is 'u' and fourth letter is 'y' is 'hauynophyre', and it contains 11 letters.

In total, how many words are available using the combination of letters specified?
On this page of words where 'u' is the third letter and 'y' is the fourth letter, there are 16 effective entries that are available in total.