Words beginning with 'pto'

There are 20 results at your disposal for this search.

6 letter words

  • ptoses
  • ptosis
  • ptotic

7 letter words

  • ptolemy
  • ptomain

8 letter words

  • ptomaine
  • ptomains

9 letter words

  • ptolemaic
  • ptolemean
  • ptomaines
  • ptomainic

10 letter words

  • ptochogony
  • ptochology
  • ptolemaean
  • ptolemaian
  • ptolemaism
  • ptolemaist

11 letter words

  • ptochocracy
  • ptolemaical

12 letter words

  • ptomatropine

What is the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
For a total of 14 points in Scrabble, you can use 'ptolemy'.

Is there an example word from this page of word that starts with 'pto' which could be deemed as unique?
The most strange word from this list is 'ptolemaic'. 'Ptolemaic' is defined as "Of or pertaining to Ptolemy, the geographer and astronomer. Ptolemaic system (Astron.), the system maintained by Ptolemy, who supposed the earth to be fixed in the center of the universe, with the sun and stars revolving around it. This theory was received for ages, until superseded by the Copernican system.", according to the English dictionary.

How many letters does the biggest word on this page consist of?
The longest word one could assemble from this list is 'ptomatropine', and it consists of 12 characters.

How many usable words can you make with this list?
It is possible to assemble 20 words with the specified combination.