Words with 'bou' at the start and 'l' at the end

Your search term has resulted in 8 eligible words.

4 letter words

  • boul

5 letter words

  • boucl

6 letter words

  • boutel

7 letter words

  • bouchal
  • boultel
  • boutell

8 letter words

  • boultell

9 letter words

  • bountiful

Which word on this page is the most common?
Ranking as the 26270th most popular word, you'll want to ensure you have 'bountiful' in your repertoire.

In Scrabble, what's the most points possible from this list of words beginning with 'bou' and ending with 'l'?
Using this particular combination, you can make 'bouchal' which scores 14 points in Scrabble.

How many characters does the largest word from this page consist of?
The biggest word is 9 letters long, which is 'bountiful'.

In total, how many words are available using these specific combinations of letters?
It's possible to create 8 words with this combination.

What's a peculiar word from this page of words that start with 'bou' and end with 'l'?
Standing as our favorite interesting word on this page is 'boultel'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'boultel' is defined as "(a) A molding, the convexity of which is one fourth of a circle, being a member just below the abacus in the Tuscan and Roman Doric capital; a torus; an ovolo. (B) One of the shafts of a clustered column. [Written also bowtel, boltel, boultell, etc.]".