Words that have 'g' as the second letter and 'u' as fourth letter

23 words have been generated using your specific request.

4 letter words

  • agau
  • iglu
  • ogpu

5 letter words

  • aggur
  • agnus
  • iglus
  • oghuz

6 letter words

  • agouta
  • agouti
  • agouty
  • agrufe
  • agruif

7 letter words

  • ageusia
  • ageusic
  • aglucon
  • agnuses
  • agouara
  • agoutis

8 letter words

  • ageustia
  • aglucone
  • agouties

10 letter words

  • aglutition

11 letter words

  • iglulirmiut

In Scrabble, what is the most points you can get from words that have 'g' as the 2nd letter and 'u' as 4th letter?
For 18 points in Scrabble, it's possible to play 'oghuz'.

In total, how many words is it possible to make using the combination of letters specified?
You can select up to a maximum of 23 entries that cover all variations.

What's a strange word on this list of words where the second letter is 'g' and fourth letter is 'u'?
Dictionarypedia considers 'agnus' to be the most weird word. 'Agnus''s definition is "Agnus Dei.", according to the dictionary.

How many characters does the largest word on this list consist of?
The longest word is 11 letters, which is 'iglulirmiut'.