Words with 'n' as the first letter that end with 'rn'

Our records have found 16 entries.

4 letter words

  • norn

7 letter words

  • newborn
  • nocturn

8 letter words

  • naricorn
  • nasicorn
  • nodicorn
  • northern
  • noseburn

9 letter words

  • nebenkern
  • nonmodern
  • nonreturn

10 letter words

  • nonconcern
  • noneastern
  • nonwestern

12 letter words

  • northeastern
  • northwestern

What's the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
For a total of 12 points, you could play 'newborn'.

What is the most common word on this page?
A popular word for your search is 'northern'.

Is there an example of a word from this page that could be considered as unusual?
Undoubtedly one of the most weird words from this page is 'norn'. The popular definition of 'norn' is as follows: "1. (Scandinavian Myth.) One of the three Fates, past, present, and Future. Their names were Urd, verdandi, and Skuld. 2. A tutelary deity; a genius.". Source Oxford Dictionary.

What's the total number of words you could assemble using this combination of letters?
On this list of words beginning with 'n' and ending with 'rn', you have 16 effective entries which are possible overall.

How many letters are in the longest word on this list?
Consider 'northeastern'