Words that have 'm' as the third letter and 'q' as fourth letter

The dictionary has 4 words you can use for this search.

7 letter words

  • cumquat
  • kumquat

8 letter words

  • cumquats
  • kumquats

In Scrabble, what's the best score possible from words where 'm' is the 3rd letter and 'q' is the 4th letter?
As there is unfortunately available, you are required to use 'kumquats' scoring 23 points.

What is an interesting word from all the word combos possible on this list?
We consider that 'kumquat' to be the most unusual word you can put together. The definition of 'kumquat' is as follows: "A small tree of the genus Citrus (C. Japonica) growing in China and Japan; also, its small acid, orange-colored fruit used for preserves.". Source Oxford Dictionary.

Which word in particular from this list consists the highest number of characters?

What is the maximum number of words you can assemble using this list?
On this list of words that have 'm' as the third letter and 'q' as fourth letter, you have 4 effective combinations that are possible.