Words that start with 'k' and contain 'wh'

Your particular request has resulted in 8 eligible results.

4 letter words

  • kwhr

6 letter words

  • kowhai

7 letter words

  • kanawha
  • kerwham
  • knowhow

8 letter words

  • knowhows

9 letter words

  • kaiwhiria
  • kickwheel

What's the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
It is possible to make 'knowhows' which scores 21 in Scrabble.

Which word on this page is made up of the highest number of characters?
There are 9 characters in the word 'kaiwhiria', which makes it the longest word on this list.

What's the maximum number of words you could construct from this combination of letters?
There are a maximum of 8 entries.