Words beginning with 'ks'

Your particular request has resulted in 4 suitable entries.

3 letter words

  • ksi

4 letter words

  • ksar

9 letter words

  • kshatriya

13 letter words

  • kshatriyahood

What's the total number of words you can create from words that start with 'ks'?
You can assemble 4 words using the specified letter combination.

What is an interesting word from the combinations available ?
Ranking as our favorite interesting word on this list is 'kshatriya'. It is defined as "The military caste, the second of the four great Hindoo castes; also, a member of that caste. See Caste. [India]".

Which word on this page has the highest letter count?
The biggest word you could derive from words that start with 'ks' is 'kshatriyahood', which contains 13 letters.

What's the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
Given that there 4 combinations to choose from, you can only use the word 'ksar' scoring 8 points.