Words that have 'f' as the second letter and 'o' as third letter

This combination has 32 words.

3 letter words

  • ofo
  • ufo

4 letter words

  • ufos

5 letter words

  • afoam
  • afoot
  • afore
  • afoul
  • sfoot

6 letter words

  • afocal
  • rfound

7 letter words

  • afounde
  • sfogato
  • ufology

8 letter words

  • efoliose
  • sforzato

9 letter words

  • aforehand
  • aforesaid
  • aforetime
  • aforeward
  • afortiori
  • sforzando
  • sforzatos
  • ufologies
  • ufologist

10 letter words

  • aforegoing
  • aforenamed
  • aforetimes
  • efoliolate
  • efoveolate
  • sforzandos

12 letter words

  • aforethought

14 letter words

  • aforementioned

What is an unique word from this list?
Our favorite unusual word from this list is 'aforegoing'. It means "Going before; foregoing.".

What's the highest possible score you can get in Scrabble from this list of words where 'f' is the 2nd letter and 'o' is the 3rd letter?
We advise using 'sforzato' for a total of score of 20 points.

Which word on this page sticks out as the most common?
We can confirm that 'afore' is the 9745th most common word.

What's the longest word you can assemble with words where the second letter is 'f' and third letter is 'o'?

What's the max number of words you are able to make from this combination of letters?
From this list of words where the second letter is 'f' and third letter is 'o', we have found 32 entries which are possible overall.