Words that have 't' as the second letter and 'c' as third letter

36 words have been identified.

3 letter words

  • etc
  • gtc
  • otc

4 letter words

  • etch
  • itch
  • utch

5 letter words

  • itchy
  • itcze
  • stchi
  • utchy

6 letter words

  • etched
  • etcher
  • etches
  • itched
  • itches

7 letter words

  • etchant
  • etchers
  • etching
  • itchier
  • itching

8 letter words

  • atchison
  • etcetera
  • etchimin
  • etchings
  • itchiest
  • itchings
  • itchless
  • itchreed
  • itchweed
  • itchwood

9 letter words

  • etceteras
  • itchiness
  • itchingly
  • itchproof

10 letter words

  • itcheoglan

13 letter words

  • etchareottine

Is there an example of a word from this page of word where the 2nd letter is 't' and 3rd letter is 'c' which might be deemed as unique in any regard?
Certainly one of the most interesting words from this list of words where the second letter is 't' and third letter is 'c' is 'itchiness'. The traditional definition of 'itchiness' is as follows: "The state of being itchy.".

In Scrabble, what's the most points you can get from this list of words that have 't' as the second letter and 'c' as third letter?
You can make 'itchweed' which scores 17 points in Scrabble.

Which word on this page is made up of the highest number of characters?
The largest word derived by Dictionarypedia is 'etchareottine'. It has 13 characters.

Is there a word on this page that jumps out as the most common?
Ranking as the 970th most common word, you will want to ensure you've got 'etc' written down.

How many words can you put together using the specified combination?
There are 36 words for you to decide on.