Words that contain 'cr' and end in 'sy'

For this search, there are 20 entries available.

6 letter words

  • acrasy
  • acrisy
  • creasy
  • cressy

7 letter words

  • eucrasy

8 letter words

  • cramoisy
  • dyscrasy
  • macropsy
  • micropsy
  • necropsy
  • syncrasy

9 letter words

  • hypocrisy
  • idiocrasy
  • theocrasy

10 letter words

  • creepmousy

11 letter words

  • craniognosy

12 letter words

  • cryptoheresy
  • idiosyncrasy

13 letter words

  • archhypocrisy

14 letter words

  • hyperhypocrisy

How many words are there using these particular combinations of letters?
There are 20 words that one can find for any word that has 'cr' in and ends with 'sy'.

What's an interesting word on this page?
We consider that 'acrasy' to be the most peculiar word you can throw together. The dictionary defines it as "Excess; intemperance. [Obs. Except in Med.] Farindon.".

What is the most common word for this page?
The most well-known word in the dictionary is 'hypocrisy', which is in fact the 13511th most popular word in the dictionary.

In Scrabble, what's the best score you can get using this list of words that have 'cr' in and end with 'sy'?
One could make 'dyscrasy' which gets 17 points.

What's the longest word you can construct from words that have 'cr' in and end with 'sy'?
'hyperhypocrisy' (14 letters)