Words ending in 'lb'

Scroll down to find 12 entries for any words ending in 'lb'.

2 letter words

  • lb

3 letter words

  • alb
  • elb
  • flb
  • glb
  • llb

4 letter words

  • bulb
  • yalb

5 letter words

  • scolb
  • stilb

9 letter words

  • flashbulb

10 letter words

  • pseudobulb

What's the longest word you can assemble from words that end with 'lb'?
The longest word that's possible to assemble from this combination is 'pseudobulb', and it has 10 characters.

What's the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
We suggest using 'yalb' for a score of 9 points.

How many words could you make using the combination of letters requested?
There are 12 entries using our list of words which end with 'lb'.

What is the most popular word that ends with 'lb'?
Our database reveals the most common word in the dictionary that end with 'lb' is 'lb'.

What's an interesting word from this list?
The most notable word in our opinion is 'alb'. The definition of 'alb' is as follows: "A vestment of white linen, reaching to the feet, an enveloping the person; -- in the Roman Catholic church, worn by those in holy orders when officiating at mass. It was formerly worn, at least by clerics, in daily life.".