Top 23 Unusual Search Terms That Capture The Weirdness of Humanity

There’s a great tool by Google called the Keyword Planner. It allows you to find out what people are searching for on Google, and how many searches things get!

We decided to do a bit of keyword research for the US and UK. Subsequently, we discovered some bizarre searches that people have been roaming around the internet for.

Without further ado, please find our top 23 best unusual search terms.

Starting with Pets…

Search Term Searches per Month
is my cat trying to kill me 260
why is my cat trying to eat me 30
is my cat possessed 90
do cats see ghosts 850

Google seems to suggest that zombie cats may be among us. This is truly terrifying news! In all seriousness, a US Today article suggested that your cat might actually want to kill you, well…sometimes. A study suggested that cats share similarities with lions, and if cats were bigger they may sometimes feel the urge to kill us, mostly out of anxiety or upset. They are also moodier, one minute they’re enjoying a belly scratch, the next they’re swiping at us.



Spooky Searches

Search Term Searches per Month
alien abduction insurance policy 310
i see ghosts 1.2K
what does it mean when you see a fairy in real life 200
i saw an angel 470

Surprisingly not included in regular life insurance policies, alien abduction policies are their own entity. Perhaps even more surprisingly, it has been reported that more than “6,000” people have purchased an alien abduction insurance policy, which covers things like medical expenses and sarcasm endured. As for seeing ghosts? Well, there’s no insurance for that yet.



What Have We Been Dreaming About?

Search Term Searches per Month
i had a dream that i killed someone 170
i had a dream about a guy i never met 210
i had a dream someone hit my parked car 150
i had a dream someone damaged my car 240

It has been suggested that a dream in which you kill someone can signal some real-life aggression that you may have been suppressing. However, it seems most of us are more worried about our cars getting damaged, which is probably the cause of all that pent up real-life aggression.



When We Act on Those Dreams…

Search Term Searches per Month
how to kill someone 9.9K
how to kill someone and get away with it 650
how much fentanyl does it take to kill someone 300
how to dispose of a body 210

This is either morbid curiosity… or there are serial killers among us. Here is a video from CollegeHumour on the coolest way to kill someone.



Then When We Feel Bad for Acting on Said Dreams…

Search Term Searches per Month
am i a psychopath 550
i am a psychopath 210

According to Chicago University 1% of the total US population has psychopathy. Luckily, it seems more of us are worried about being psychopathic, than actually being psychopathic.



And The Weirdest for Last!

Search Term Searches per Month
why do my feet smell like cheese 750
why do my armpits smell like weed 600
why does my balls feel like plastic 100
why do my farts smell like death 2.6K
how to stop eating boogers 270
i pooped my pants 2.2K

These entries are probably more gross than weird, nonetheless we’ve saved the weirdest searches for last. According to VICE, evidence shows that cannabis and body sweat share 11 similar compounds, and that it’s normal for sweat to sometimes smell like the drug. As for the other stuff… you’re probably better off showering, or seeing a doctor.

That ends our 23 bizarre search terms that really sum up the weirdness of humanity! Be sure to let us know your weirdest searches.