Words beginning with 'jem'

The dictionary has 15 words you can use for this search.

3 letter words

  • jem

5 letter words

  • jembe
  • jemez
  • jemmy

6 letter words

  • jemble
  • jemima

7 letter words

  • jemadar
  • jemidar
  • jemmied
  • jemmies
  • jemmily

8 letter words

  • jemadars
  • jemidars
  • jemmying

9 letter words

  • jemminess

How many acceptable words could one put together with words that start with 'jem'?
It is possible to derive 15 words with the combination you specified.

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble with the above combination ?
You could make 'jemez' which scores 23 points.

What's a peculiar word from all the word combos available on this list?
The most unusual word from this list is 'jemidar'. According to the English dictionary, 'jemidar' is defined as "The chief or leader of a hand or body of persons; esp., in the native army of India, an officer of a rank corresponding to that of lieutenant in the English army. [Written also jemadar, jamadar.]".

How many letters does the largest word on this page contain?
The biggest word that's possible to construct from this list is 'jemminess', and it is made up of 9 characters.