Words that include 'rx'

Keep scrolling to uncover 12 entries for any words containing 'rx'.

3 letter words

  • arx
  • grx

4 letter words

  • exrx
  • marx

5 letter words

  • admrx

7 letter words

  • marxian
  • marxism
  • marxist

8 letter words

  • marxists

10 letter words

  • marxianism

11 letter words

  • interxylary
  • procatarxis

What is the highest number of points you're able to get in Scrabble using this list of words that include 'rx'?
For 18 points in Scrabble, you are able to use 'exrx'.

How many letters are in the biggest word from this list?
The largest word is 11 characters, which is 'interxylary'.

What is the max number of words you're able to make from this combination of letters?
You could make 12 words with the specified combination.

What's a weird word from all the combinations possible ?
An example of an uncommon word from this page goes to 'procatarxis'. 'Procatarxis''s definition is "The kindling of a disease into action; also, the procatarctic cause. Quincy.", according to the English dictionary.