Words that start with 'b' and contain 'ix'

Our archives have discovered 25 terms.

4 letter words

  • bixa

5 letter words

  • bemix
  • bixin

6 letter words

  • bemixt
  • bollix

7 letter words

  • beatrix
  • bemixed
  • bemixes
  • betwixt

8 letter words

  • bemixing
  • betwixen
  • billywix
  • bixaceae
  • bixbyite
  • bollixed
  • bollixes

9 letter words

  • basifixed
  • bellatrix
  • bisectrix
  • bixaceous
  • bollixing

11 letter words

  • benefactrix
  • bilixanthin
  • bucculatrix

13 letter words

  • benefactrixes

What word from this list is the most unusual?
'Bisectrix' definitely ranks as the most unusual word in our list of words that start with 'b' and include 'ix'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'bisectrix' means "The line bisecting the angle between the optic axes of a biaxial crystal.".

What is the max number of words you can create using words that start with 'b' and include 'ix'?
You could create 25 words from the combination you searched for.

What is the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
Using this particular combination, one can make 'billywix' which scores 23 points in Scrabble.

How many characters does the longest word on this page consist of?
The longest word on this list is 'benefactrixes'. It is made up 13 letters.

What's the most popular word for this page?
Ranking as the 8733rd most popular word, you will want to ensure you have 'betwixt' in your arsenal.