Words ending in 'gm'

22 results were generated using the combination you requested.

2 letter words

  • gm

3 letter words

  • cgm

5 letter words

  • flegm

6 letter words

  • eclegm
  • phlegm

7 letter words

  • apothgm
  • syntagm

8 letter words

  • apothegm
  • dephlegm
  • paradigm
  • parapegm
  • phoenigm

9 letter words

  • apophlegm
  • borborygm
  • diaphragm
  • epiphragm
  • hexastigm

10 letter words

  • apophthegm
  • endophragm
  • mesophragm
  • metaphragm
  • paraphragm

Which word that ends with 'gm' is the most common word in the dictionary?
'Diaphragm' is the most well-known word from this list, ranked 37395th most common word.

How many words could you make using this combination of letters?
You could create 22 words using the combination of words that end with 'gm'.

In Scrabble, what is the most points possible from this list of words ending in 'gm'?
For 17 points, one could play 'dephlegm'.

Which word in particular on this page consists the highest number of characters?
There are 10 characters in the word 'apophthegm', that makes it the biggest word Dictionarypedia has.

What is a strange word from all the word combinations available on this page?
By far the most weird word in this list is 'paradigm'. The definition of 'paradigm' is as follows: "1. An example; a model; a pattern. [R.] "The paradigms and patterns of all things." Cudworth. 2. (Gram.) An example of a conjugation or declension, showing a word in all its different forms of inflection. 3. (Rhet.) An illustration, as by a parable or fable.".