Words with 'h' as the first letter that end with 'b'

For words with 'h' as the 1st letter that end with 'b', there are 31 words.

2 letter words

  • hb

3 letter words

  • hab
  • hcb
  • hob
  • hub

4 letter words

  • haab
  • harb
  • herb
  • hubb

5 letter words

  • habab
  • habub
  • hajib

6 letter words

  • habbub
  • habnab
  • haboob
  • haboub
  • hashab
  • hexsub
  • hoblob
  • hobnob
  • hubbob
  • hubbub

7 letter words

  • hemiamb

8 letter words

  • hecatomb
  • hopthumb

9 letter words

  • hansomcab
  • hydrobomb
  • honeyblob
  • honeycomb
  • hornthumb

10 letter words

  • heartthrob

What is the most common word for this page?
A common word for the combination you requested is 'herb'.

What's the highest scoring word in Scrabble available on this page ?
For a score of 20 points in Scrabble, it's possible to play 'hopthumb'.

What word from this page is the most unique?
By far the most strange word in this list is 'honeycomb'. The dictionary defines it as "1. A mass of hexagonal waxen cells, formed by bees, and used by them to hold their honey and their eggs. 2. Any substance, as a easting of iron, a piece of worm-eaten wood, or of triple, etc., perforated with cells like a honeycomb. Honeycomb moth (Zoöl.), the wax moth....".

What is the biggest word you can create using the combination of letters specified?
'heartthrob', made up of 10 characters.

What's the max number of words one is able to create using this combination of letters?
31 words!