Words that have 'm' as the third letter and 'g' as fourth letter

11 words were derived using the combination you requested.

6 letter words

  • gamgee
  • gamgia
  • samgha

8 letter words

  • armgaunt
  • armguard
  • pimgenet

10 letter words

  • samgarnebo

11 letter words

  • damgalnunna
  • ramgunshoch
  • rumgumption

12 letter words

  • rumgumptious

How many words are available using the combination of letters requested?
There are up to a maximum of 11 entries.

Is there a word from this page of word where the third letter is 'm' and fourth letter is 'g' which might be considered as unusual in any respect?
One of the most stand out words from this page is 'armgaunt'. According to the English dictionary, 'armgaunt' is defined as "With gaunt or slender legs. "An armgaunt steed." Shak. Note: This word is peculiar to Shakespeare. Its meaning has not yet been satisfactorily explained.".

Which word in particular on this page contains the highest number of characters?
The word 'rumgumptious' is made up of 12 characters.

In Scrabble, what is the most points you can get using words where the third letter is 'm' and fourth letter is 'g'?
One can make 'pimgenet' which gets 13 points.