Words that contain 'de' and end in 'el'

Your search has resulted in 21 eligible words.

5 letter words

  • debel
  • depel
  • devel

6 letter words

  • deckel
  • dentel
  • devvel

7 letter words

  • debowel
  • decibel
  • depucel

8 letter words

  • detassel
  • quardeel

9 letter words

  • demiangel
  • sidewheel
  • underfeel
  • underkeel

10 letter words

  • demibarrel
  • tredefowel
  • underlevel
  • underwheel

12 letter words

  • demiparallel
  • underflannel

How many letters does the longest word on this page consist of?
There are 12 characters in the word 'demiparallel', that makes it the longest word Dictionarypedia has.

What is the most interesting word that has 'de' in and ends with 'el'?
Our team feels that 'debel' is the most peculiar word you can throw together. According to the English dictionary, 'debel' is defined as "To conquer. [Obs.] Milton.".

What is the best score you can get in Scrabble from this list of words containing 'de' and ending with 'el'?
For 18 points in Scrabble, you can play 'quardeel'.

How many usable words could one put together with this list?
A maximum of 21 words!