Words that start with 'x' and contain 'f'

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4 letter words

  • xref

6 letter words

  • xeriff

7 letter words

  • xerafin

9 letter words

  • xenograft

10 letter words

  • xiphiiform

What's a strange word on this page of words that start with 'x' and include 'f'?
The most unusual word from this list is 'xeriff'. 'Xeriff''s definition is "A gold coin formerly current in Egypt and Turkey, of the value of about 9s. 6d., or about $2.30; -- also, in Morocco, a ducat.", according to the English dictionary.

Which word in particular on this page has the largest character count?

In Scrabble, what's the best score possible from words that start with 'x' and contain 'f'?
For a score of 19 points in Scrabble, one can play 'xeriff'.

What is the maximum number of words you are able to create from this combination of letters?
Altogether, you can make 5 words.