Words beginning with 'voo'

10 entries have been detected.

6 letter words

  • voodoo

7 letter words

  • voodoos

8 letter words

  • voodooed
  • voorhuis

9 letter words

  • voodooing
  • voodooism
  • voodooist

10 letter words

  • voorlooper

11 letter words

  • voodooistic
  • voortrekker

What is a weird word from this list?
'Voodooism' definitely ranks as the most interesting word in our list of words that start with 'voo'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'voodooism' means "A degraded form of superstition and sorcery, said to include human sacrifices and cannibalism in some of its rites. It is prevalent among the negroes of Hayti, and to some extent in the United States, and is regarded as a relic of African barbarism.".

What's the total number of words you're able to assemble from this combination of letters?
There are up to 10 words.

Which word in particular on this page has the largest character count?
'Voodooistic', which contains 11 letters.

What's the highest number of points you're able to get in Scrabble from this list of words that start with 'voo'?
We recommend using 'voorhuis' for a total of score of 14 points.