Words beginning with 'lyo'

In total there are 29 entries at your disposal for words that start with 'lyo'.

4 letter words

  • lyon

7 letter words

  • lyomeri
  • lyonese
  • lyophil
  • lyopoma

8 letter words

  • lyolysis
  • lyolytic
  • lyonetia
  • lyonnais
  • lyophile
  • lyophobe
  • lyotrope

9 letter words

  • lyocratic
  • lyomerous
  • lyonetiid
  • lyonnaise
  • lyonnesse
  • lyophiled
  • lyophilic
  • lyophobic
  • lyopomata
  • lyotropic

10 letter words

  • lyophilize

11 letter words

  • lyonetiidae
  • lyophilized
  • lyophilizer
  • lyopomatous

12 letter words

  • lyophilizing

14 letter words

  • lyophilization

What's a strange word on this page of words that start with 'lyo'?
By far the most interesting word in this list is 'lyonnaise'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'lyonnaise' is defined as "Applied to boiled potatoes cut into small pieces and heated in oil or butter. They are usually flavored with onion and parsley.".

In Scrabble, what's the highest score possible using this list of words which start with 'lyo'?
For a total of 18 points in Scrabble, one could play 'lyophobe'.

Which word in particular from this list has the largest character count?
'Lyophilization' contains 14 characters, and is the longest word possible to make from the specified combination.

How many acceptable words are possible to put together using the specified combination?
You can go with up to 29 words.