Words beginning with 'hit'

45 words are available based on your criteria.

3 letter words

  • hit

4 letter words

  • hits

5 letter words

  • hitch
  • hithe

6 letter words

  • hitchy
  • hither
  • hitler
  • hitter

7 letter words

  • hitched
  • hitchel
  • hitcher
  • hitches
  • hitless
  • hitoshi
  • hitters
  • hitting
  • hittite

8 letter words

  • hitchers
  • hitchier
  • hitchily
  • hitching
  • hitchiti
  • hitherto
  • hittable

9 letter words

  • hitchhike
  • hitchiest
  • hitlerian
  • hitlerism
  • hitlerite
  • hittitics
  • hittology

10 letter words

  • hitchhiked
  • hitchhiker
  • hitchhikes
  • hitchiness
  • hitchproof
  • hithermost
  • hitherunto
  • hitherward

11 letter words

  • hitchhikers
  • hitchhiking
  • hithertills
  • hitherwards
  • hittitology

12 letter words

  • hithertoward

Which word from this list has the largest character count?
The biggest word is 12 characters long, which is 'hithertoward'.

Which is the most interesting word from this page?
You can uncover numerous peculiar words on this page, however our favorite word happens to be 'hitch'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'hitch' is defined as "1. To become entangled or caught; to be linked or yoked; to unite; to cling. Atoms . . . Which at length hitched together. South. 2. To move interruptedly or with halts, jerks, or steps; -- said of something obstructed or impeded. Slides into verse, and hitches in a rhyme....".

Is there a word on this page that stands out as the most common?
According to our database, the most popular word that start with 'hit' is 'hitherto'.

What's the best score you're able to get in Scrabble from this list of words which start with 'hit'?
For 19 points in Scrabble, it is possible to play 'hitchily'.

In total, how many words are possible to make using these particular combinations of letters?
On this list of words beginning with 'hit', there are 45 outstanding combinations that are possible in total.