Words ending in 'xt'

There are 40 words that are possible to use from the dictionary for this search.

3 letter words that end with 'xt'

  • ext
  • txt

4 letter words that end with 'xt'

  • fixt
  • mixt
  • next
  • pnxt
  • sext
  • text
  • vext

5 letter words that end with 'xt'

  • fldxt
  • twixt

6 letter words that end with 'xt'

  • admixt
  • affixt
  • atwixt
  • bemixt
  • bisext
  • immixt
  • intext
  • remixt
  • unfixt
  • unmixt
  • unvext
  • urtext

7 letter words that end with 'xt'

  • betwixt
  • bissext
  • commixt
  • context
  • martext
  • pretext
  • protext
  • subtext

8 letter words that end with 'xt'

  • spintext
  • teletext

9 letter words that end with 'xt'

  • impermixt
  • intermixt
  • plaintext
  • quinisext
  • transfixt
  • videotext

10 letter words that end with 'xt'

  • ciphertext

In Scrabble, what is the best score possible using words that end with 'xt'?
For 20 points, one can use commixt.

Which word that ends with 'xt' is the most popular word?
When it comes to well-known words, there's next, which ranks as the 313th most common word.

Using that end with 'xt', what's the longest word possible to make?
Ciphertext, consisting of 10 characters.

How many words are there using this list?
There are up to 40 entries on our list of which end with 'xt'.

What is a strange word on this list?
The most interesting word in our opinion is pretext. It means "Ostensible reason or motive assigned or assumed as a color or cover for the real reason or motive; pretense; disguise. They suck the blood of those they depend on, under a pretext of service and kindness. L'Estrange. With how much or how little pretext of reason. Dr. H. More. Syn....".