Words ending in 'tiv'

Altogether there are 7 entries at your disposal for words ending in 'tiv'.

8 letter words

  • emanativ

9 letter words

  • leitmotiv

10 letter words

  • legislativ

11 letter words

  • accumulativ
  • ameliorativ
  • appreciativ

12 letter words

  • electromotiv

Which word on this page has the largest character count?
The longest word is 12 characters, which is 'electromotiv'.

In Scrabble, what's the highest number of points you can get from this list of words ending in 'tiv'?
Using this combination, one can make 'emanativ' scoring 13 in Scrabble.

What is the total number of words you're able to construct using this combination of letters?
There are 7 entries using our list of words ending in 'tiv'.