Words ending in 'nz'

The combination specified has generated 7 entries.

4 letter words

  • gunz

5 letter words

  • franz
  • heinz
  • hienz

6 letter words

  • schanz

10 letter words

  • fackeltanz

11 letter words

  • liederkranz

What is the most common word that ends with 'nz'?
According to our database, the most popular word that end with 'nz' is 'franz'!

In Scrabble, what's the highest score you can get using this list of words that end with 'nz'?
It is possible to make 'schanz' which gets 20 points in Scrabble.

What is an unusual word that ends with 'nz'?
Ranking as the most weird word on this list is 'liederkranz'. 'Liederkranz''s definition is "Lit., wreath of songs; -- used as the title of a group of songs, and esp. As the common name for German vocal clubs of men.", according to the dictionary.

What's the total number of words one is able to assemble using this combination of letters?
You could make 7 words from the specified combination.

How many letters are in the longest word from this page?
The word 'liederkranz' has 11 characters.