Words ending in 'nm'

Your particular request has regrettably resulted in only 3 suitable entries.

2 letter words

  • nm

8 letter words

  • parhelnm

9 letter words

  • houyhnhnm

Which word in particular from this list has the highest letter count?
The longest word that's possible to construct from this list is 'houyhnhnm', which contains 9 characters.

In Scrabble, what's the highest number of points possible from words that end with 'nm'?
With sadly a handful of words to choose from, the only option you can play for is 'parhelnm' scoring 15 points.

Is there a distinct word from this page which might be considered as unusual?
The most strange word in this list is 'houyhnhnm'. 'Houyhnhnm' is defined as "One of the race of horses described by Swift in his imaginary travels of Lemuel Gulliver. The Houyhnhnms were endowed with reason and noble qualities; subject to them were Yahoos, a race of brutes having the form and all the worst vices of men.", according to the English dictionary.

How many words are possible to make using these particular combinations of letters?
You can pick from a maximum of 3 entries.

Is there a word on this page that sticks out as the most popular?
'Nm' is the most popular word from this that end with 'nm', ranked 16829th most common word.