Words that have 'x' as the third letter and 'y' as fourth letter

The dictionary has 26 words you're able to use for words where the 3rd letter is 'x' and 4th letter is 'y'.

4 letter words

  • boxy
  • coxy
  • dixy
  • doxy
  • foxy
  • kexy
  • mixy
  • nixy
  • pixy
  • poxy
  • puxy
  • rixy
  • roxy
  • sexy
  • taxy
  • waxy

5 letter words

  • hexyl

6 letter words

  • hexyls
  • hexyne

7 letter words

  • hexylic
  • pixyish
  • taxying
  • toxylon

8 letter words

  • hexylene

11 letter words

  • doxycycline

15 letter words

  • hexylresorcinol

What is an interesting word from this list?
'Pixy' is definitely the most strange word from our list of words where the 3rd letter is 'x' and 4th letter is 'y'. The definition of 'pixy' is as follows: "1. An old English name for a fairy; an elf. [Written also picksy.] 2. (Bot.) A low creeping evergreen plant (Pyxidanthera barbulata), with mosslike leaves and little white blossoms, found in New Jersey and southward, where it flowers in earliest spring. Pixy ring, a fairy ring or circle. [Prov....".

How many characters does the longest word from this list consist of?
'Hexylresorcinol' is the biggest word that our database could assemble. It has 15 characters.

How many words are possible to make using the specified combination?
All in all, you could assemble up to 26 words.

Which word on this page stands out as the most popular?
'Waxy' is the most popular word from this page, ranked 70661st most common word.

In Scrabble, what is the highest number of points possible from this list of words that have 'x' as the 3rd letter and 'y' as 4th letter?
It is possible to make 'hexylic' which scores 22 points.