Words that have 'x' as the third letter and 'b' as fourth letter

Our records have found 25 entries.

7 letter words

  • boxball
  • boxbush
  • foxbane
  • roxbury
  • waxbill
  • waxbird
  • waxbush

8 letter words

  • bixbyite
  • boxberry
  • boxboard
  • coxbones
  • foxberry
  • mixblood
  • roxburgh
  • saxboard
  • waxberry
  • waxbills

9 letter words

  • boxboards
  • buxbaumia
  • roxburghe

10 letter words

  • boxberries
  • foxberries
  • waxberries

13 letter words

  • buxbaumiaceae

14 letter words

  • roxburghiaceae

What is the highest number of points you can get in Scrabble using this list of words where 'x' is the 3rd letter and 'b' is the 4th letter?
For a total of 23 points in Scrabble, it's possible to use 'foxberry'.

How many actual words could one put together using this combination of letters?
There are a maximum of 25 entries on our list of words where 'x' is the third letter and 'b' is the fourth letter.

Is there an example of a word from this page which might be considered as unusual?
Ranking as the most interesting word on this list is 'waxbill'. The definition of 'waxbill' is as follows: "Any one of numerous species of finchlike birds belonging to Estrelda and allied genera, native of Asia, africa, and Australia. The bill is large, conical, and usually red in color, resembling sealing wax. Several of the species are often kept as cage birds.".

How many letters are in the largest word on this page?