Words that have 'x' as the second letter and 'v' as fifth letter

Your particular request has resulted in 18 entries.

6 letter words

  • excave
  • exolve

7 letter words

  • oxhuvud

8 letter words

  • excavate

9 letter words

  • exadverso
  • excavated
  • excavates
  • excavator

10 letter words

  • exadversum
  • excavating
  • excavation
  • excavatory
  • excavators
  • exdividend

11 letter words

  • excavations

12 letter words

  • excavational
  • excavatorial

13 letter words

  • excavationist

Is there an example of a particular word from this page which might be deemed as unique?
'Excave' is definitely the most weird word in our list of words where the 2nd letter is 'x' and 5th letter is 'v'. According to the English dictionary, 'excave' means "To excavate. [Obs.] Cockeram.".

In Scrabble, what's the highest number of points possible using words where 'x' is the 2nd letter and 'v' is the 5th letter?
For 21 points, one could play 'oxhuvud'.

How many usable words could one put together using the specified combination?
You could assemble 18 words from the combination you searched for.

What's the most popular word for this page?
The most popular word for your search is 'excavations'.

What's the biggest word you can make with the combination specified?
'Excavationist' is made up of 13 letters, and is the longest word one can make from the searched for combination.