Words that have 'w' as the second letter and 'n' as third letter

24 results have been derived from the combination you searched for.

3 letter words

  • awn
  • own

4 letter words

  • awny
  • awns
  • owns

5 letter words

  • awned
  • awner
  • owned
  • owner

6 letter words

  • awning
  • owners
  • owning

7 letter words

  • awnings
  • awnless
  • awnlike
  • ownable
  • ownhood
  • ownness
  • ownself

8 letter words

  • awninged

9 letter words

  • ownerless
  • ownership
  • ownwayish

10 letter words

  • ownerships

What is the biggest word you can construct with words where the second letter is 'w' and third letter is 'n'?
'Ownerships' is made up of 10 letters, and is the largest word you can make from the combination searched for.

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble available from this list ?
Using this particular combination, the best word to play is 'awnlike' scoring 14 points in Scrabble.

In total, how many words are possible to make using these specific combinations of letters?
One can create 24 words using this list.

What's a peculiar word on this list of words where the second letter is 'w' and third letter is 'n'?
An example of an uncommon word from this page goes to 'awned'. 'Awned''s definition is "Furnished with an awn, or long bristle-shaped tip; bearded. Gray.", according to the English dictionary.

Is there a word on this page that jumps out as the most common?
A well-known word for the combination you searched is 'own'.