Words that have 'v' as the third letter and 'v' as fourth letter

20 words have been found for the combination requested.

5 letter words

  • bevvy
  • bivvy
  • civvy
  • divvy
  • navvy
  • savvy

6 letter words

  • bovver
  • devvel
  • revved

7 letter words

  • civvies
  • divvers
  • divvied
  • divvies
  • navvies
  • revving
  • savvied
  • savvies
  • sivvens

8 letter words

  • divvying
  • savvying

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble available from this list ?
Our suggestion for a total of 19 points is the word 'divvying'.

What's the biggest word you can derive from words where the 3rd letter is 'v' and 4th letter is 'v'?
The longest word one could assemble from this list is 'divvying', which contains 8 characters.

Which is the most unique word where the third letter is 'v' and fourth letter is 'v'?
Standing as our favorite weird word on this list is 'sivvens'. The typical definition of 'sivvens' is as follows: "See Sibbens.".

What's the maximum number of words one is able to construct using words where the 3rd letter is 'v' and 4th letter is 'v'?
You could make 20 words altogether.

What is the most common word on this page?
'Navvy' is the most well-known word from this page, ranked 93112th most common word.