Words that have 'u' as the second letter and 'x' as fourth letter

Our team have discovered 10 results.

7 letter words

  • guaxima
  • quixote

8 letter words

  • quixotes
  • quixotic
  • quixotry

9 letter words

  • quixotism
  • quixotize

10 letter words

  • quixotical
  • quixotries

12 letter words

  • quixotically

What is a peculiar word from this page of words where the second letter is 'u' and fourth letter is 'x'?
The most interesting word in this list is 'quixotically'. The popular definition of 'quixotically' is as follows: "In a quixotic way.".

How many viable words can you put together using the combination which you've searched for?
On this list of words that have 'u' as the 2nd letter and 'x' as 4th letter, there are 10 combinations that are possible.

What's the highest number of points you can get in Scrabble using this list of words where 'u' is the second letter and 'x' is the fourth letter?
We recommend using 'quixotry' for a score of 27 points.

Which word on this page stands out as the most popular?
The most well-known word is 'quixotic', which is actually the 69968th most popular word in the dictionary.

What is the largest word you can make using the combination searched for?
The biggest word is 12 characters long, which is 'quixotically'.