Words that have 's' as the second letter and 'w' as third letter

This particular combination has resulted in 24 entries.

3 letter words

  • csw
  • psw
  • usw

5 letter words

  • asway
  • aswim

6 letter words

  • aswail
  • aswarm
  • aswash
  • asweat
  • aswell
  • asweve
  • aswing
  • aswirl
  • aswoon
  • iswara
  • oswald
  • oswego
  • tswana
  • usward

7 letter words

  • aswithe
  • aswough
  • oswegan
  • uswards

8 letter words

  • aswooned

What is the most interesting word where the 2nd letter is 's' and 3rd letter is 'w'?
We consider 'aswail' to be the most weird word. 'Aswail' is defined as "The sloth bear (Melursus labiatus) of India.", according to the English dictionary.

What is the biggest word you can make with this list?
'Aswooned' is the largest word that Dictionarypedia could locate.

Which word on this page is the most common?
'Usw' is the most well-known word from this list, ranked 56757th most common word.

How many actual words could one make using the combination searched for?
From this list of words where the 2nd letter is 's' and 3rd letter is 'w', there are 24 amazing entries that are possible.

What is the best score you're able to get in Scrabble from this list of words where 's' is the second letter and 'w' is the third letter?
You could make 'aswough' for a total score of 14 points in Scrabble.