Words that have 'q' as the second letter and 'u' as fourth letter

Overall there are 8 entries available for words where 'q' is the second letter and 'u' is the fourth letter.

5 letter words

  • equus

6 letter words

  • squush

7 letter words

  • equulei
  • squushy

8 letter words

  • equuleus
  • squushed
  • squushes

9 letter words

  • squushing

How many letters are in the longest word on this page?
'Squushing' is the longest word that the Dictionarypedia database could assemble. It is made up 9 characters.

Which word from this list is the most unique?
By far the most strange word in this list is 'equus'. The definition of 'equus' is as follows: "A genus of mammals, including the horse, ass, etc.". Source Oxford Dictionary.

In Scrabble, what is the highest score possible using words that have 'q' as the second letter and 'u' as fourth letter?
From this combination, the best word you should play is 'squushy' which scores 22 points.

What's the maximum number of words one is able to create from this list?
You could derive 8 words using the combination you specified.