Words that have 'p' as the second letter and 'w' as fifth letter

34 results have been produced from your search term.

5 letter words

  • sprew

6 letter words

  • aprowl
  • sprawl
  • sprewl
  • uptown

7 letter words

  • sprawly
  • sprawls
  • sprowsy
  • spurway
  • uppowoc
  • uptower
  • uptowns

8 letter words

  • openwork
  • spaewife
  • spaework
  • spanworm
  • sprawled
  • sprawler
  • spunware
  • spurwing
  • spurwort
  • uptowner

9 letter words

  • openworks
  • spaewoman
  • spanworms
  • sprawlers
  • sprawlier
  • sprawling
  • uptowners

10 letter words

  • spaewright
  • spotwelder
  • sprawliest
  • spurwinged

11 letter words

  • sprawlingly

How many letters are in the largest word on this list?
The longest word constructed by our team is 'sprawlingly'.

What's the highest possible score you can get in Scrabble using this list of words where 'p' is the 2nd letter and 'w' is the 5th letter?
You can make 'openwork' scoring 17 in Scrabble.

What's the total number of words you can construct from words where the second letter is 'p' and fifth letter is 'w'?
There are 34 words you can choose for words where the second letter is 'p' and fifth letter is 'w'.

Which word where the 2nd letter is 'p' and 5th letter is 'w' is the most common word in the dictionary?
We can confirm that 'sprawling' is the 23257th most common word.

Is there an example word from this page which might be deemed as unusual?
Undeniably one of the most weird words from this page is 'sprawl'. The definition of 'sprawl' is as follows: "1. To spread and stretch the body or limbs carelessly in a horizontal position; to lie with the limbs stretched out ungracefully. 2. To spread irregularly, as vines, plants, or tress; to spread ungracefully, as chirography. 3. To move, when lying down, with awkward extension and motions of the limbs;...".