Words that have 'p' as the second letter and 'b' as fifth letter

35 results are available for the combination requested.

6 letter words

  • ephebe
  • ephebi
  • uptube

7 letter words

  • ephebea
  • ephebes
  • ephebic
  • epheboi
  • ephebos
  • ephebus
  • optable
  • optably
  • spitbox
  • spudboy
  • uptable

8 letter words

  • ephebeia
  • ephebeum
  • openband
  • openbeak
  • openbill
  • spaebook
  • spekboom
  • spitball
  • upbubble

9 letter words

  • ephebeion
  • optoblast
  • spelbound
  • spitballs

10 letter words

  • aplobasalt
  • ephebeubea
  • spitballer

11 letter words

  • epembryonic
  • ephebeibeia
  • optableness
  • spelbinding

12 letter words

  • eproboscidea

In Scrabble, what is the best score you can get from words where 'p' is the second letter and 'b' is the fifth letter?
From this combination of letters, you can make 'spekboom' which gets 18 points.

Which word in particular on this page is made up of the highest number of characters?
The biggest word that's possible to construct from this list is 'eproboscidea', and it has 12 characters.

How many viable words could one put together with words where the second letter is 'p' and fifth letter is 'b'?
You could derive 35 words with the specified combination.

What is a peculiar word from the combinations possible ?
Certainly one of the most unusual words from this list of [PAGE TITLE is 'optable'. The dictionary defines it as "That may be chosen; desirable. [Obs.] Cockeram.".