Words that have 'l' as the second letter and 'x' as fifth letter

For this query, there are 29 words.

5 letter words

  • alpax
  • glaux
  • plotx

6 letter words

  • alkoxy
  • alloxy

7 letter words

  • alkoxid
  • alkoxyl
  • alloxan
  • glyoxal
  • glyoxyl
  • glyoxim
  • planxty

8 letter words

  • aldoxime
  • alkoxide
  • alloxans
  • glyoxime

9 letter words

  • alloxanic
  • alloxuric
  • glyoxalic
  • glyoxalin
  • glyoxylic
  • glyoxilin

10 letter words

  • alloxanate
  • alloxantin
  • glyoxalase
  • glyoxaline

11 letter words

  • alloxuremia

12 letter words

  • alloxuraemia

13 letter words

  • alloxyproteic

What's a peculiar word from this list?
An example of a strange word from this list is 'glyoxal'. The accepted definition of 'glyoxal' is as follows: "A white, amorphous, deliquescent powder, (CO.H)2, obtained by the partial oxidation of glycol. It is a double aldehyde, between glycol and oxalic acid.". Source Cambridge Dictionary.

How many characters does the largest word from this page contain?
The longest word derived by our team is 'alloxyproteic'.

What's the total number of words you could create using this combination of letters?
There are 29 words possible using words where the 2nd letter is 'l' and 5th letter is 'x'.

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble you can play for ?
You could make 'alkoxyl' for a score of 21 points in Scrabble.