Words that have 'j' as the third letter and 'o' as fifth letter

13 results are available for this specific combination.

5 letter words

  • vijao

6 letter words

  • majoon

7 letter words

  • nijholt
  • rajpoot

8 letter words

  • bijwoner

9 letter words

  • enjeopard

10 letter words

  • enjeopardy

11 letter words

  • yajnopavita

12 letter words

  • rejeopardize

13 letter words

  • rejeopardized
  • unjeopardised
  • unjeopardized

14 letter words

  • rejeopardizing

In Scrabble, what is the highest score possible using this list of words where 'j' is the 3rd letter and 'o' is the 5th letter?
For a total of 20 points, one can use 'bijwoner'.

What is the longest word you can make from the combination of letters specified?
The longest word is 14 letters, which is 'rejeopardizing'.

How many possible words can you make using this combination of letters?
There are 13 fantastic words for you to decide on.

Which word where the 3rd letter is 'j' and 5th letter is 'o' is the most unusual?
One of the most interesting words from this page is 'rajpoot'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'rajpoot' means "A Hindoo of the second, or royal and military, caste; a Kshatriya; especially, an inhabitant of the country of Rajpootana, in northern central India.".