Words that have 'g' as the third letter and 'c' as fourth letter

This specific combination has 12 solutions.

6 letter words

  • eggcup

7 letter words

  • dogcart
  • eggcups
  • hogcote
  • logchip
  • logcock

8 letter words

  • dogcarts
  • eggcrate

9 letter words

  • eggcupful
  • hogchoker

10 letter words

  • dogcatcher

11 letter words

  • dogcatchers

How many words can you make using the specified combination?
From this page of words where the 3rd letter is 'g' and 4th letter is 'c', there are 12 entries which are available.

What word where the third letter is 'g' and fourth letter is 'c' is the most unusual?
The most weird word based on a recent poll is 'dogcart'. The definition of 'dogcart' is as follows: "A light one-horse carriage, commonly two-wheeled, patterned after a cart. The original dogcarts used in England by sportsmen had a box at the back for carrying dogs.". Source Oxford Dictionary.

Is there a word on this page that jumps out as the most popular?
A popular word for the combination you searched is 'dogcart'.

What's the highest possible score you could get in Scrabble from this list of words where the 3rd letter is 'g' and 4th letter is 'c'?
From this particular combination, the best word to play is 'logcock' scoring 16 points in Scrabble.

How many letters does the largest word from this list contain?