Words that have 'g' as the second letter and 'g' as fifth letter

For words where 'g' is the second letter and 'g' is the fifth letter, there are 17 results to go with.

5 letter words

  • aging

6 letter words

  • agings
  • agrege

7 letter words

  • agreges
  • eglogue

9 letter words

  • egregious

10 letter words

  • agregation
  • egurgitate
  • ignigenous

11 letter words

  • aganglionic
  • agrogeology
  • egregiously
  • egurgitated

12 letter words

  • egurgitating

13 letter words

  • egregiousness

14 letter words

  • agrogeological

16 letter words

  • agrogeologically

Which word on this page has the largest letter count?
The word 'agrogeologically' contains 16 characters.

What's a peculiar word from the combinations available on this list?
An example of an unusual word from this page goes to 'aganglionic'. According to the English dictionary, 'aganglionic' means "Without ganglia.".

Is there a word on this page that jumps out as the most popular?
A common word for the combination you searched is 'egregious'.

In Scrabble, what's the best score possible from this list of words that have 'g' as the second letter and 'g' as fifth letter?
From this particular combination, it is possible to make 'agreges' which gets 9 in Scrabble.

In total, how many possible words can you make using this list?
You can choose from 17 entries.