Words that have 'g' as the second letter and 'f' as fifth letter

26 entries have been generated from your search term.

6 letter words

  • agrafe
  • agrufe
  • ignify
  • uglify

7 letter words

  • agrafes
  • agraffe

8 letter words

  • agraffee
  • agraffes
  • ignified
  • ignifies
  • igniform
  • ignifuge
  • uglified
  • uglifier
  • uglifies

9 letter words

  • ignifying
  • sgraffiti
  • sgraffito
  • uglifiers
  • uglifying

10 letter words

  • igniferous
  • ignifluous
  • sgraffiato

12 letter words

  • agnification
  • uglification

14 letter words

  • igniferousness

What is an interesting word from the word combos possible ?
By far the most unusual word in this list is 'ignifluous'. The definition of 'ignifluous' is as follows: "Flowing with fire. [Obs.] Cockerman.".

How many letters does the longest word from this list consist of?
The largest word constructed by Dictionarypedia is 'igniferousness'.

In total, how many words are possible to make using this combination of letters?
On this page of words where the second letter is 'g' and fifth letter is 'f', there are 26 entries that are possible.

What's the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
It is possible to make 'agraffee' which scores 15 points in Scrabble.