Words that have 'f' as the second letter and 't' as fourth letter

This combination has resulted in 7 results.

4 letter words

  • afft

6 letter words

  • afetal

7 letter words

  • offtake
  • offtype
  • ofttime

8 letter words

  • offtrack
  • ofttimes

What is the highest score you could get in Scrabble from this list of words where the 2nd letter is 'f' and 4th letter is 't'?
We suggest using 'offtrack' for a score of 20 points.

How many letters does the longest word on this list contain?
The word 'offtrack' has 8 characters.

What is the most popular word where the second letter is 'f' and fourth letter is 't'?
We're able to confirm that 'ofttimes' is the 41970th most common word.

Which is the most unusual word from this list?
The most interesting word in this list is 'ofttimes'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'ofttimes' means "Frequently; often. Milton.".

How many usable words could one make using the combination specified?
From this page of words that have 'f' as the 2nd letter and 't' as 4th letter, there are 7 outstanding combinations which are possible in total.