Words that have 'd' as the third letter and 'c' as fourth letter

For words that have 'd' as the third letter and 'c' as fourth letter, there are 37 entires.

6 letter words

  • bedcap
  • madcap
  • mudcap
  • mudcat
  • redcap

7 letter words

  • badchan
  • bedcase
  • bedcord
  • bidcock
  • jedcock
  • judcock
  • kidcote
  • madcaps
  • mudcaps
  • redcaps
  • redcoat
  • redcoll

8 letter words

  • bedchair
  • bedcover
  • godchild
  • madcaply
  • padcloth
  • redcoats

9 letter words

  • bedchairs
  • bedcovers
  • midcarpal
  • midcourse
  • mudcapped
  • padcluoth
  • wadcutter

10 letter words

  • bedchamber
  • bedclothes
  • midchannel
  • mudcapping
  • redcurrant

11 letter words

  • bedclothing
  • godchildren

In Scrabble, what is the best score you can get from words that have 'd' as the third letter and 'c' as fourth letter?
For a score of 23 points, one could play 'jedcock'.

What's a weird word from the word combinations available on this list?
'Godchild' definitely stands as the most strange word in our list of words where the 3rd letter is 'd' and 4th letter is 'c'. According to the English dictionary, 'godchild' means "One for whom a person becomes sponsor at baptism, and whom he promises to see educated as a Christian; a godson or goddaughter. See Godfather.".

How many letters are in the largest word from this page?
The largest word is 11 letters, which is 'bedclothing'.

Which word on this page is the most popular?
A well-known word for the combination you requested is 'bedchamber'.

How many words can you make using the combination searched for?
You could make 37 words from the specified letter combination.