Words that start with 'z' and contain 'ei'

The combination requested has 18 words.

4 letter words

  • zein

5 letter words

  • zeins
  • zeism
  • zeiss
  • zeist

6 letter words

  • zeidae

7 letter words

  • zemeism
  • zeoidei
  • zuleika

8 letter words

  • zippeite

9 letter words

  • zechstein
  • zeilanite
  • zeitgeist
  • zoogloeic
  • zootheism
  • zootheist

10 letter words

  • zollverein

11 letter words

  • zootheistic

In total, how many possible words can you make using this list?
From this page of words that start with 'z' and include 'ei', there are 18 amazing combinations that can be selected.

What is the best score you can get in Scrabble using this list of words starting with 'z' that contain 'ei'?
From this particular combination, one can make 'zippeite' scoring 21 points.

What's the biggest word you can make from the combination of letters specified?
The longest word that's possible to construct from this combination is 'zootheistic', which consists of 11 characters.

What's an unusual word on this page?
Our favorite interesting word from this list goes to 'zeitgeist'. The dictionary defines it as "The spirit of the time; the general intellectual and moral state or temper characteristic of any period of time.".