Words that start with 'ye' and contain 'v'

Dictionarypedia has found 14 suitable entries.

5 letter words

  • yerva
  • yeven

6 letter words

  • yelver
  • yerava

7 letter words

  • yeraver
  • yeshiva

8 letter words

  • yeshivah
  • yeshivas
  • yeshivot

9 letter words

  • yeshivahs
  • yeshivoth
  • yestereve

10 letter words

  • yestereven

13 letter words

  • yesterevening

How many characters are in the largest word on this list?
The longest word assembled by our team is 'yesterevening'. It has 13 characters.

What is an unique word that starts with 'ye' and includes 'v'?
You'll discover numerous weird words on this page, however our favorite is 'yestereve'. According to the dictionary, 'yestereve' is defined as "The evening of yesterday; the evening last past.".

In Scrabble, what's the highest possible score possible using words that start with 'ye' and contain 'v'?
From this combination of letters, the best word you ought to play is 'yeshivah' scoring 20 points in Scrabble.

How many usable words could one put together with this list?
On this list of words that start with 'ye' and include 'v', there are 14 combinations that are available.